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Adalet Weatherproof unflanged junction box in black asphalt paint coating is made of aluminum for added durability and strength. It is surface mountable and is tumblasted for high quality aspect. It measures 4 Inch x 2-1/2 Inch x 4 Inch. Junction box features an enhanced cover with a 5/32-Inch wall thickness, neoprene gasket and stainless steel cover bolts for efficient usage. It is ideally designed for installation of electrical systems that require rugged applications. Box features cast-on mou
UPC: 781063190036
manufacturer-number: LR15stereoJUuP - Loudspeaker box Model Other, Colour Other Note:Delivery costs and discounts are displayed clearly in the cart (click on icon cart symbol) depending on the currently selected payment methods, mode of shipment and value of goods as well as country and address. - LR 15 stereo JU uP
UPC: 4043106009474
Huber + Söhne WHD P/N: LR 15 stereo JU uP
The JVC Everio GZ-HD300 captures video to a 60 GB hard disk drive - it also features a 1/4.1-inch, 3.05-megapixel CMOS image sensor and full HD recording-full 1920 x 1080 resolution-to maintain native 1920 x 1080 resolution thorough playback, enabling output of a 1080p 60fps progressive signal to make the most of high-end HD displays. Using the same GENESSA processing technology used in JVC HD televisions, conversion to 1920 x 1080 at 60fps provides seamless natural video, free of motion ju.
UPC: 046838037887
Fans of Kung Fu cinema rejoice! Kings of Kung Fu is a love letter to classic chopsocky flicks designed for all skill levels of gamers. The story is a simple one - A mysterious fighter, Red Ronin, has challenged his fellow cinema stuntmen to prove their worth in a series of one on one fights across various sets on the studio lot for a chance to star in their own movie. While they may not be the stars of their films, they must be just as skilled and tough as the famous stars they fill in for. This little tournament will prove just how good they are and who is the next star among them. Choose to take on the role of one of 12 martial arts masters as you fight to show your style cannot be beat. Each fighter’s style is based on actual moves inspired by martial arts cinema where their bodies are their weapons. Fine-tuned in diverse and unique methods of physical destruction, each style brings with it 100’s of attacks, counter attacks, blocks and grapples ranging from your basic kicks and punches to advanced attacks and combo chains that can devastate any opponent. Selectable fighters include Tao Lung the Chinese Boxing Master, Chen Fu the master of Drunken Style, Ron Jones and his fierce Shorun-ryu Karate, Hou Feng with his wild and deadly Monkey Style, Lo Wei the Shaolin Master, John Deux is top of his game in Kickboxing, Ju Mao a champion of Hapkido and the Muay Thai Master Chang Tai. Now entering into the tournament as of the latest update are four new martial arts masters: The White Stallion master of Shotokan Karate, Lo Chi the grappling brawler, master of both Karate and Ninjitsu Ken Suguri, and Yuen Wong with his mix of Wing Chun and various Kung Fu styles. A note from the developer, Jae Lee Productions: "Kings of Kung Fu is mainly a love letter to kung fu cinema firstly and a casual to mid core fighter secondly. The game is a small, indie passion project aimed to provide fun while honouring the films I have always loved. Feedback from the community will help make this a better game. I don't want to give the false impression that it will become a fighter for the hardcore fighting game community. I appreciate the support and feedback and will continue to update the game with your feedback in mind." Key Features:Block/evade animations imbues a sense of fluidity and realism 13 character roster - 12 base fighters plus 1 boss character 14 unique and dynamic background stages inspired by classic films 100+ unique moves per fighter (including advanced moves and throws) Soundtrack contains over 20 songs influenced by classic Kung Fu films and old-school style hip hop Fight against the computer in Arcade Mode or match skills against a friend in Local Multiplayer Matches
Jae Lee Productions
High quality materials, Fine handmade, Accurate measurement, Strict quality testing, Reasonable price, Fast delivery, And the best service. Welcome to buy.
When four-year-old Young Ju Park first hears the words Mi Gook - Korean for "America" - she is sure that they mean "Heaven." But when her family moves to Southern California the following year, she finds the transition from life in Korea far from easy. The countless unexpected challenges - from learning English, to finding work, to attending school - put more and more pressure on the Park family until its fragile construction begins to splinter. Yet as Young Ju grows from child to adolescent in her new home she finds a surprising new voice - neither Korean nor American, but uniquely her own. That voice allows her to make sense of her world, and gives her the strength to succeed. A Step from Heaven is the stunning debut of an equally unique writer.
ISBN: 0-14-250027-5
Garmin Bluechart g2 vision VUS025R Anchorage to Juneau Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 010-C0726-00 (SD Card) Replaces: Product # 010-C0360-00 (micro SD/SD Card) Product # 010-C0039-00 (Datacard) The Garmin Bluechart g2 Vision VUS025R navigation software contains information of Anchorage to Juneau with detailed coverage of Juneau to Alinchak Bay including Kodiak Island, Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, Yakutat, Glacier Bay and Icy Strait. With Blue Chart g2 Vision card, you'll have access to detailed mapping capabilities which include standardized depth contours, smooth data transition between zoom levels, harmonious transition across chart borders, and reduction of chart discontinuities. The Bluechart g2 vision VUS025R offers most realistic mapping display Garmin has ever offered. It includes premium features, such as true 3D-view perspective above and below the waterline, auto guidance, high-resolution imagery, and aerial reference photography providing "real picture" aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigation landmarks and other points of interest. Bluechart g2 Vision VUS025R Features: Anchorage - Juneau Digital Map, Covers Juneau to Alinchak Bay w/ Prince William Sound, High-Resolution Satellite Imagery, Standardized Depth Contours, Aerial Reference Photography - "Real World" Photos of Ports / Harbors / Marinas / Waterways / Navigation Landmarks / Points of Interest, Smooth Data Transition Between Zoom Levels, Auto Guidance Technology - Includes Tides / Currents / Marine Services / Coastal Roads / Points of Interest, Mariner's Eye View, Fish Eye View - 3D-View Above & Below Waterline, Harmonious Chart Borders Transition, Reduced Chart Discontinuities
Garmin P/N: 010-C0726-00
Juicy Couture Ju 591/S sunglasses are designed for women featuring regular hinges. The Juicy Couture Ju 591/S sunglasses model is made of plastic.
UPC: 762753979506
Juicy Couture P/N: 6879
If you are restoring or just tidying up your classic Mini bike, then a new emblem will add so much more to the appearance than the low price these items cost. Go to the CMS mini bike web site, and see the largest stock of monkey bike spares in Europe, we don't ju.
UPC: 043396141124
Title: "The Dobe Ju/'Hoansi" Author: Richard B. Lee Subject: Social sciences: textbooks and study guides
AddOn Juniper Compatible XENPAK Transceiver - XENPAK transceiver module (equivalent to: Juniper XENPAK-1XGE-LR) - 10 Gigabit Ethernet - 10GBase-ER - SC single-mode - up to 6.2 miles - 1310 nm - for Ju
UPC: 821455159880
AddOn P/N: 6882
Pugster July Birthstone Golden Bowknot Red Crystal Rhinestone Brooches Pins .Use A Brooch To Accessorize Your Favorite Outfit Or Spice Up Apparel That Just Needs Some Extra Kick. The Pugster Golden July Birthstone Bowknot Brooch Is Bowknot. This Pugster Brooch Is Perfect To Give A Fun Artistic Flair To Whatever It Is That You Are Wearing. Pugster Created Each Brooch For People Who Love High Quality Handcrafted Jewelry With A Price That Is Sure To Make You Smile. This Brooch Fastens Securely With A Metal Pin Clasp. Crafted And Authenticated By Pugster™ Inc. These Golden Ju
Integrated circuits from leading manufacturers. Please read our extensive documentation, which is free to download.
UPC: 2050002170995
Texas Instruments P/N: ADS774JU
Category:Fishing Reel; Fishing Method:Lure Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Bait Casting; Packaging:Color Box; Material:Aluminium, Metal, Stainless Steel / Iron, Nylon; Note:Right hand; Reel Model:KW150 R; Reel Type:Baitcast Reels; Line Capacity (mm/m):0.235mm/185m 0.285mm/155m 0.300mm/115m; Gear Ratio:6.3:1; Ball Bearings:14; One Way Ball Bearing:With one way ball bearing; Reel Handle Type:Non-foldable; Hand Orientation:Right-handed; Handle Material:Plastic, Rubber; Line Capacity (lbs/yds):8/200,12/170,13/130; Net Weight(kg):0.22;
(Easy Piano). By Justin Bieber. Easy Piano Personality. Softcover. 80 pages. Published by Hal Leonard
UPC: 884088549596
Hal Leonard P/N: 307215
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